Dr. Jim is a husband to his beautiful wife, Niki, and a father of five boys. His mission is driven by the Dominican phrase: “Contemplare et contemplate aliis trader,” which means, “to contemplate and hand on to others the fruit of contemplation.” Dr. Jim strives to help make the Church’s amazing vision of the human person real and livable by applying the tools of psychology to Catholic teaching. At one point in his life, he was beginning to discern a monastic vocation, but the Lord had better plans for him. Dr. Jim now finds himself a “contemplative in action”, experiencing God within the joyful chaos that is life. His goal when speaking is to pass on the wisdom he has learned from the many people he has treated in counseling, readings in psychology, theology, and philosophy, and of course from his own successes and failings as a normal guy trying to be the best man he can be for his family.

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Sample Topics:

Happy, Healthy, Holy: Building an Authentic Catholic Marriage

It takes years of training for a doctor, priest, or lawyer to be trained, but there is very little formation to prepare us for the real challenges of married life. Happy, Healthy Holy is an experience that shows couples how to apply the Church’s teaching on marriage to their own lives in a deep personal way. Bringing together the best teaching from the Church, psychology, and life experiences, this topic can be done in the form of a half-day, full-day, or weekly class.

Quo Vadis?

This presentation is best done as a retreat, and is an interactive discussion and reflection upon one’s personal call to holiness. The goal of “Quo Vadis?” is to make the beautiful and lofty ideals of Christian living taught by the Church personalized for the participants to help them have a stronger sense of meaning and mission in their own lives. As Christians we are told to “be perfect as your heavenly father is perfect.” (Mt 5:48) In this talk we explore the paradoxical call surrender our entire will to God, and yet “run so as to win.” (1Cor 9:25) It is said that thoughts create actions, actions create habits, and habits create character. “Quo Vadis?” will help you answer some of the important questions: What are you creating with your own thoughts and actions? Where are you going in your life? Where do you want to go? How do you get there? We will discuss the idea of Christian self-mastery, and you will be given effective tools from scripture, the saints, and virtue psychology to help you become as happy, healthy, and holy as God calls you to be.

The Fully Alive Parent: How to Raise and Nurture a Child in Mind, Body, and Spirit

More books have been published on parenting in the past 25 years than in the preceding 550 years since the invention of the printing press. Sorting among all the parenting gurus and philosophies sometimes seems like it takes a Ph.D.! However, raising a happy and healthy child boils down to a handful of principles that we all know, instinctively. Father of five boys and clinical psychologist Dr. Jim Langley helps to make these explicit for you so that your child can be nourished in heart, mind, and soul.

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