Matt McCall Speaker

Dr. Matt McCall

Dr. McCall is a licensed psychologist at St. Raphael Counseling, who specializes in a form of therapy that focuses specifically on identifying, feeling, and making use of emotions in a healthy way. He enjoys giving talks and presentations, and has a lively style that will be sure to keep participants engaged and intellectually stimulated. Dr. McCall’s first priority, however, is that his presentations will make an impact on the lives of those who are present, and that they take away information that can lead to personal growth and change.

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Sample Topics:

A Catholic’s Guide to Emotional Health

Emotions can be confusing, scary, or overwhelming, and I find that many people struggle much more than they need to due to a simple lack of understanding about what emotions are and how to deal with them. In this talk, I give a lot of basic information about emotions that everyone needs in order to live a healthy life. There’s a lot of misconceptions out there in both the secular and Catholic communities, and this talk will help sort through these misconceptions, and leave participants with a clear picture of how emotions ought to be integrated into every Catholic’s life.

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