Kevin Cure Speaker

Kevin Cure

Kevin Cure is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He is a graduate of Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota with a Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy. He also has served on staff and as a Missionary for NET (National Evangelization Teams) Kevin has spent his career working to help individual marriages and families. As a speaker Kevin works to integrate the Catholic Faith with practical ways to live out that faith within the context of Marriage and Families.

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Sample Topics:

Marriage Enrichment

Topics include:
Creating a Shared Mission for your Marriage.
Becoming Proactive about our Marriage.
Overcoming and working through differences in families of origin.
Building and or Strengthening intimacy
Staying connected or building community with infants and toddlers
Communication and Forgiving
Creating and maintaining Healthy Boundaries inside and outside of the marriage

Parenting Talks

Continuing to build the marital bond amidst being a parent:
· How to connect daily with your spouse without it being only about your kids.
· Ways to free you from feeling like roommates and regaining the emotional connections.
· How to ensure the hierarchy of the family is in correct order.
· How to remain or become spiritually connected.

Parenting Strategies and tools

· How to handle transitions. (giving to much freedom vs. not enough) How to know when to allow children to do more.
· How to parent in the digital age. Ideas on what the appropriate use of technology is and how that changes over time.
. Praying as a family and attending the sacraments together.

Creating Strong Families Talks

· Stay engaged as a married couple and support each other through traditions and routines.
· How to deepen family prayer.
· How to make holidays about more than presents and candy.
· How to use the liturgical calendar to deepen couple and family’s spirituality.

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