For the Church

“The world looks to the priest, because it looks to Jesus! No one can see Christ; but everyone sees the priest, and through him they wish to catch a glimpse of the Lord! Immense is the grandeur of the Lord! Immense is the grandeur and dignity of the priest!”

-Pope John Paul II

St. Raphael Counseling has a special mission to support the mental health and human formation of clergy and religious. The vocation of a priest has always been a challenging one, but never more so than today when we have fewer vocations to the priesthood and many priests are afraid to walk through an airport wearing their collars. Given the challenges that come with their vocation, priests are more prone to have struggles with their mental health. While these men tend to have excellent spiritual and human formation, they are often overwhelmed by the responsibilities that come with managing a parish and ministering to those in need. Our approach is positive and proactive, and St. Raphael’s has a multiple ways of supporting clergy mental health.

We simply want to bring the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to those who bring us Jesus.

St. Raphael’s offers the following psychological services to clergy and religious across the country:

Seminarian/Religious Life Evaluations

Clergy Mental Health Evaluations

Shepherd’s Renewal Leadership Development

Mental Health Workshop for Clergy

Psychotherapy for Priests and Religious