Mental Health Workshop for Clergy

Let’s face it, it’s a tough time to be a priest. While priests are among the best-formed men in the world, their vocation brings with it unique challenges. Priests are a diocese’ best asset, and supporting their mental health is paramount.

Dr. Jim Langley is a Catholic psychologist specializing in clergy mental health. In addition to the evaluation and treatment of priests, Dr. Jim provides mental health workshops for presbyterate meetings or convocations. While the topic is serious, his lighthearted approach helps priests open up and gain personal insight into their psychological wounds, mental health risk factors, and self-care. Workshops consist of education, self-evaluation, and small group discussion. The goal is not just to educate priests about their mental health, but to help build an authentic, intimate, and charitable presbyterate.

“Dr. Jim’s presentation got us talking about issues that we all think about but are afraid to admit out loud…in all of my years as a priest, this is the first time I’ve seen our presbyterate do this!” -One priest who attended a workshop

Dr. Jim is a husband and father of five boys, as well as the Executive Director and cofounder of St. Raphael Counseling. His clinical work focuses primarily on priests and religious, where he helps them to unite their spiritual and psychological growth to grow closer to sainthood. He also does retreats and speaking engagements on building virtue, marriage, and psychological healing.

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