School Counseling

St. Raphael Counseling assists the Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools by providing counselors to support students’ social-emotional and academic assessment needs. The team can also provide resources for crisis response and threat assessment. St. Raphael school counselors currently serve six Archdiocesan elementary schools and are able to provide counseling for hundreds of students every year. Whether addressing behavior concerns, academic success, social-emotional development, school climate or crisis intervention, school counselors are a valuable resource for teachers, students and parents.

St. Raphael offers Per Diem School Counseling Consultation. Counselors are available to consult with administration and teachers about targeted concerns as well as crisis intervention

The types of situations St. Raphael counselors have assisted with include:

  • The immediate need for intervention following the death of a student, school staff member or family of a staff member
  • Responding to community violence and providing threat assessment
  • Responding to ongoing student relational aggression and new student transition issues
  • Identification and accommodation planning for students with ADHD, learning disabilities or social-emotional needs
  • Professional development for school staff members

Please Click here to our per diem school consultation brochure

St. Raphael also offers psychological testing by appointment.
Students who are not achieving in school may have underlying issues that have not been identified. Our psychologists are trained in psychoeducational testing: assessing the social/emotional barriers to learning as well as identification of learning problems such as ADHD, Specific Learning Disorders and can evaluate for Autism Spectrum and other relevant diagnostic testing.