Seminarian/Religious Life Evaluations

In-depth assessment of applicants to seminary and religious life is one of the most proactive ways to ensure that the next generation of priests, religious, and deacons have these challenging times. Our evaluations are both comprehensive and therapeutic, and are a powerful starting point in human and spiritual formation.

Consistent with the Guidelines for the Use of Psychology in Seminary Admissions candidate evaluations address key areas that make for healthy human formation:

  • Boundaries
  • Sexual Integration
  • Intellectual Abilities
  • Capacity to Make and Keep a Vow
  • Attachment and Proneness to Personality Disorders
  • Risk of Addiction
  • Capacity for Growth

Feedback is provided to both the applicant and the Vocation Director, along a comprehensive, but useful psychological report. Feedback for the applicant is focused on building self-knowledge: helping to increase awareness of one’s psychological wounds, predominant faults, as well as personal strengths. Feedback to the Vocation Director provides information about a candidate’s areas of concern as well as guidance around how to approach initial formation and things about the applicant’s personality to be aware of.

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