Dr. Jim is a husband to his beautiful wife, Niki, and a father of five boys. His mission is driven by the Dominican phrase: “Contemplare et contemplate aliis trader,” which means, “to contemplate and hand on to others the fruit of contemplation.” Dr. Jim strives to help make the Church’s amazing vision of the human person real and livable by applying the tools of psychology to Catholic teaching. At one point in his life, he was beginning to discern a monastic vocation, but the Lord had better plans for him. Dr. Jim now finds himself a “contemplative in action”, experiencing God within the joyful chaos that is life. His goal when speaking is to pass on the wisdom he has learned from the many people he has treated in counseling, readings in psychology, theology, and philosophy, and of course from his own successes and failings as a normal guy trying to be the best man he can be for his family.

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Dr.Michelle Connor Harris S

Dr. Michelle Connor Harris

Suffering is a part of life on earth, and yet the Catholic faith provides a beautiful path to transform suffering into meaning and growth. Dr. Michelle accompanies people on this path by combining the wisdom of psychology and the teachings of the Church to alleviate and transform mental and emotional suffering. Her life experience as a wife and mother of three boys makes her approach practical and down-to-earth. As a speaker, Dr. Michelle seeks to share her knowledge and experience in order to empower others to create meaningful change.

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Dr. McCall

Dr. McCall is a licensed psychologist at St. Raphael Counseling, who specializes in a form of therapy that focuses specifically on identifying, feeling, and making use of emotions in a healthy way. He enjoys giving talks and presentations, and has a lively style that will be sure to keep participants engaged and intellectually stimulated. Dr. McCall’s first priority, however, is that his presentations will make an impact on the lives of those who are present, and that they take away information that can lead to personal growth and change.

Mark Sanders Speaker

Mark Sanders

Mark Sanders, LPC, CACIII, completed his undergraduate work at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, and earned a Master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh. Mark has approximately 17 years of experience in the field of addictions providing direct service focusing on dual diagnosis issues with both adults and adolescents. Mark is currently employed at St. Raphael Counseling. In this role he provides frequent presentations and consultations throughout various parishes and community locations in the Denver area focusing on addictions (including pornography and technology), mental health issues like depression and anxiety, and Catholic approaches to the challenges of our culture. He has also presented at the Catholic Psychotherapy Association national meeting focusing on the Catholic approach to addictions.

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