Bethany Doss

Bethany Doss, Licensed K-12 School Counselor

Bethany Doss is a licensed K-12 school counselor. She received her Master of School Counseling from the University of Northern Colorado and is a member of the American School Counselor Association. As a Colorado native, she received an K-12 Catholic education, resulting in a passion for assisting and supporting the students and families of Archdiocesan schools. She has experience in working with children and adolescents on a variety of issues that relate to social development, emotional awareness and regulation, and academic achievement.  Her approach to school counseling is solution-focused – she works with students to establish and bring about new skills and insights to make their days at school more successful, enjoyable, and centered on Christ. Bethany offers individual school counseling services, as well as small group sessions and classroom lessons, and works to partner with parents, teachers, and school staff to leverage growth toward students’ greatest potential.