Vanessa Fagnant

Vanessa-Fagnant, LMFT-C

I am a wife, and mother of three young children. I know the struggles of Marriage and Family, but I also know the joys.  Not only have I completed a Masters in Marriage and Family Studies (M.T.S.) and Marriage and Family Therapy (M.F.T.) Masters from Regis University, I have been on my own personal journey of trusting God during life’s challenges. I have integrated the philosophy of “Being as Gift” into Emotionally Focused Therapy. This philosophy highlights who we are as humans, and shifts the value from what we do to who we are. So often we do not learn this message in today’s society or from our Families of Origin. Sometimes we need help shifting our views and learning to validate and affirm our unique selves. I enjoy accompanying families, couples, and individuals in their journey to discover how accessing CORE emotions can lead to finding hope and joy in whatever life brings